Film development + Big prints (13x19cm) + Wetransfer (scans)

€ 34,95

Developing your film roll, digitizing and sending your files via Wetransfer. Color (C-41) or Black and White with premium 13x19cm (5x7.5") prints on Fuji photo paper. For disposable cameras you may round down the number of exposures, so 27 is 24 & 39 is 36 exposures!


  1. place this item in your shopping cart choose whether you want your prints in Glossy or matte (lustre).
  2. indicate how many rolls you want & pay for this order
  3. print this order confirmation and put it in an envelope. Or write the order number on the envelope
  4. Send or bring your envelope to Foto Americaine, Wagenstraat 41, 2512AP Den Haag