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Film development + Big prints (13x19cm) + Wetransfer (scans)

€ 34,95

Developing your film roll, digitizing and sending your files via Wetransfer. Color (C-41) or Black and White with premium 13x19cm (5x7.5") prints on Fuji photo paper. For disposable cameras you may round down the number of exposures, so 27 is 24 & 39 is 36 exposures!


  1. place this item in your shopping cart choose whether you want your prints in Glossy or matte (lustre).
  2. indicate how many rolls you want & pay for this order
  3. print this order confirmation and put it in an envelope. Or write the order number on the envelope
  4. Drop this envelope in 1 of our Dropboxes, or send it by mail

  5. We will develop these and deliver them to you personally free of charge when developing at least 2 rolls in The Hague, Zoetermeer, Rijswijk and Waddinxveen. Alternatively, you can select store pick-up in the shipping options.

Dropbox 1: Wagenstraat 41, 2512AP The Hague (Shop & preferred mail adress)

Dropbox 2: Amsterdamse Veerkade 29 (Warehouse) (drop-off outside opening hours is also possible)